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WBCS Main Test Series 2021-22



  • Online Tests for both subjective and Objective.
  • First Test will be open/free for all candidates.
  • Three Sets of each six papers (Including Bengali as first language total of 19 Papers.
  • Test will be online through Tarun App and subjective Papers (send scanned copy through
    mail/app) for evaluation.
  • Tests Papers are available on app on particular date mentioned in schedule and after that
    student can appear any time.
  • Tests are made by the WBCS subject matter experts and not by fellow students.
  • Test covers every important and relevant topics of the Syllabus on weekly basis.
  • Model Answers: Explanations of each question will be available on our app.

Tarun IAS starting Online Main Test Series 2021 available for self-evaluation before main examination. Authentic and relevant test Papers according to the WBCS Main Syllabus is available with Tarun IAS. Recently we had conducted Prelims Test series and students’ feedback was excellent. Motivating form Student’s feedback, our experienced research and development team also united to help aspiring WBCS candidate and give free mentorship.
First Test will be free for all to get and access quality test papers and their answer keys.

WBCS Main Syllabus

Paper I:  Bengali – Letter writing (within 150 words) / Drafting of Report (within 200 words),
Précis Writing, Composition and Translation from English to Bengali.

Paper II:   English – Letter writing (within 150 words) / Drafting of Report (within 200 words),
Précis Writing, Composition and Translation from Bengali/Hindi/Urdu/Nepali/Santali to
Paper III:  General Studies-I

(i) Indian History with special emphasis on National Movement and
(ii) Geography of India with special reference to West Bengal.   
Paper IV:  General Studies-II
(i) Science and Scientific & Technological advancement,
(ii) Environment,
(iii) General Knowledge and Current Affairs.   
Paper V:  The Constitution of India and Indian Economy including role and functions of the
Reserve Bank of India.  
Paper VI: Arithmetic and Test of Reasoning

*Note- Hindi, Urdu, Nepali, Santali- these languages are not available

Online General Studies & CSAT Subscription plan 2021-22
S.No Name of Subject Marks No. Tests
1 Bengali or Hindi or Urdu or Nepali or Santali 200 2
2 English 200 2
3 General Studies-I 200 3
4 General Studies-II 200 3
5 Constitution of India and Indian Economy 200 3
6 Arithmetic and Test of Reasoning 200 3
Total 16
7 Optional Subject (Paper-I) 200 2
8 Optional Subject (Paper-II) 200 2
Payment Options

1st Emi, 2nd Emi, 3rd Emi, Full Price