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Know the important Pillars of IAS Preparation in 2022

Preparing for the IAS exam is not a utopian concept, and only with a little bit of preparation can you ace the exams. Although there are lakhs of students preparing for the exam every year, the passing percentage is really low. This is why you need to focus on a few pillars, as these will help you to prepare well for the exam. The IAS exam is one of the most promiscuous ones in the country, and the profession is also highly respectable. It opens various avenues for the aspirants, and if you pay attention thoroughly and segregate the topics, it will become much easier for you to pass the exams in fewer attempts – or maybe one attempt! In this article, we will mention a great choice for the best coaching Institute for IAS in Delhi, but before that, let’s analyze the major pillars.

What Are The Most Prominent Foundations Of IAS Preparation?

Some of the most prominent foundations of IAS preparation are:

  1. Give Enough Attention To The Previous Years Question Papers:

 One of the most important sectors that most students choose to overlook is practising the question papers from previous years. These papers are full of resources, and a major portion of the exam questions are set from the same. Not only the familiarity, practising these papers will allow you to have a better understanding of the exam pattern, and you will be able to analyze the time required for completion of the exam. Once you start practicing the question papers regularly, you will be able to have an insight into your learning as well. It will help you to develop on the topics which you have not yet prepared well enough on.

  • Emphasis on Current Affairs: 

When it comes to IAS exam preparation, focusing on current affairs is very important. They make up a vital part of exam preparation, and hence enough attention has to be paid to the same. Not only for the Written exam, having sound knowledge of current affairs is important to pass the interview round as well. In most cases, the interviewers will ask your take on the scenario, and without having a proper understanding of the topics, it is impossible to answer mindfully.

  • Compartmentalize your syllabus:

 The syllabus for the IAS exam is quite widespread. If you are under the guidance of any of the best UPSC Coaching center in India or any other part of the country, you will be able to understand that these centers will ask you to divide the entire topic. It is not possible to focus on every part with equal precision. Hence, in that case, you must channelize your focus. Try to delve deep into the more prominent ones. However, this does not mean that you can choose to leave the other topics. Read them and have a basic understanding of the same.

  • Pay Attention to Your Map Study:  

Maps make up a very important topic for your IAS exam preparation. Hence you must pay enough attention to the same. Have sound knowledge on how to draw good maps as well as pinpoint locations. It is only with more and more practice that you will be able to garner the best capability.

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