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7 Proven Ways To Strengthen Your UPSC Preparation

UPSC coaching centre in Delhi

Competitive exams can be scary unless you maintain the dedication, focus, and determination you kickstarted your journey with. Stating that one can easily crack the UPSC examination by simply joining the top UPSC coaching centres in Delhi would not be true. With the right coaching, you are required to adopt the right practices.

The human brain is dynamic. It constantly changes connections and grows new cells every day, making learning and remembering things a difficult yet attainable task. According to the Forgetting Curve, we forget 75% of what we have learned in 24 hours. Thus, we require solid methods to retain the information.

Along with being thorough with your UPSC syllabus and choosing the best IAS academy in Delhi for guidance and practice in each subject, teach the following habits for effective learning:

1.  Set Short Goals

Assign study goals to yourself that will keep you focused on achieving them. You can start by setting goals for studying for a particular period. Achieving these goals will help you in staying consistent and boost your confidence.

2.  Utilise Memory Improvement Basics

The UPSC examination demands strong memory. Candidates can use memory improvement devices like mnemonic devices, structuring the study schedule to avoid cramming, visualising information and reading aloud.

Instead of spending hours on a single subject, introduce different subjects in between to avoid monotony as the brain gets bored too. Try different ways of memorising and see what works for you. Revise at least 2-4 times to remember most of the information.

3.  Proper Sleep Schedule

The human brain stores new information while we sleep. Losing sleep over stress leads to forgetfulness. Adequate sleep helps in retaining and remembering information. Moreover, it helps you energise and concentrate better.

4.  Introduce Brain Foods In Your Diet

The healthier your body is, the better your mind will function. You can not afford to get sick while studying for the UPSC examinations. Omega-3 fats, whole grains, nuts, green leafy vegetables, and lots of water are some out of the lot. These foods help sharpen your mind, increase your attention span, and strengthen your immunity.

5.  Become A Teacher

One of the finest ways to learn is by teaching others. You can revise your syllabus by addressing their doubts about the subject. You can even indulge in discussions on current affairs to remember information.

It is a proven fact that teaching others what you learn can help you remember up to 90% of the information better. Top UPSC coaching centre in Delhi introduces you to candidates from all over India with whom you can study effectively.

6.  Use Different Sources To Learn

Learning through different sources and media opens various parts of your brain. It helps in creating more space for information. Sources like modules, notes, videos, listening to lectures, etc., can be beneficial. Top UPSC coaching in Delhi provides students with various sources to learn from.

7.  Build a Habit of Writing Notes

Though handwritten notes are old school, they are the most efficient way of remembering things. Noting down on paper with a pen, in your own words, initiates better comprehension and retention.

UPSC Coaching is Half of Your Preparation

Practising the habits mentioned above with attending coaching lectures is the most certain path to accomplishing your UPSC goal. One of the best IAS academies in Delhi is Tarun IAS.

Tarun IAS offers the best faculty, study material, and guidance for your competitive exams. We prepare candidates for every subject in detail and provide tips on implementing the right studying techniques.

Hundreds of candidates around the country attempt the UPSC examination. You need to be a step ahead of everyone to pass the examination, and Tarun IAS is your way to take the lead. Join us today!